A Multi-Cultural Weekend!


Looking for a little culture in your life?

Greek Night 6

May 3, 2014 @ Mediterra Restaurant & Lounge (815 E. Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis)

Join Neo Kyma (Greek for ‘New Wave’) and myself for an evening of beautiful Mediterranean food and drink.  Bring your friends, relax and enjoy the sounds of LIVE traditional Greek music and the enchanting movements of belly dance.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

May 4, 2014 @ Indiana … Read More

A Thankful Weekend to Remember . . .


It was such a lovely time over Easter Weekend, spent with friends, loved ones and Zahra Zuhair – who truly is now and forever in my heart.  We learned so much, had a bunch of laughs, sweat even more and had an overall great time!

Friday night we started off with “The Heart & Soul of Belly Dance.”  Whether you are new to the dance or a dancer with experience, you were definitely challenged.  Ever … Read More

Belly Dancing for Easter!


After your holiday and spiritual celebrations, come and join us at The Athenaeum Theater in downtown Indy for an afternoon of belly dance performances!  We’ll be featuring all of our workshop attendees, with Zahra Zuhair headlining the lineup!  Don’t miss this beautiful array of dancing to accentuate the spirit of this time of year, fun for the whole family!


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Muwasha . . . WHAT?


Muwashahat (pronounced:  MOO-WA-SHA-HOT) is the plural of the name Muwashah, a poetic musical form that originated in Muslim Spain during the tenth century. It is believed that the name muwashshah, is in ref erence to the Wishah a (sash) that women wore in Andalusia. The lyrics of the muwashshah expresses the poet’s own thoughts of love, joy and sorrow. In this workshop, we will learn how to dance to 10/8 rhythm and learn a beautiful Andalusian … Read More

Discover Belly Dance, Heart & Soul


Next Friday night Zahra Zuhair will be at Playground Productions Studio (5529 Bonna Ave., Suite 10, Indianapolis, IN 46219) to teach us the “Heart & Soul of Belly Dance.”

In 3 hours, we’ll go over the basics and history of movement . . . beginning dancers will have a beautiful opening primer to their dance journey while other, more experienced dancers will be able to enrich their repertoire (no matter which style of belly dance … Read More

Learn to Shimmy in April!


april2014-copyThis month’s Oriental Beauty Topic:  MESMERIZE & TANTALIZE.  We’re going to learn Galvanize Choreography, More Rhythm Review, Level Up Layering and Improv Advancement.  Be sure not to miss this excellent curriculum designed to help you lose weight, have fun and feel great about yourself and your body in addition to learning a sacred and ancient … Read More



My student Sakeena’s first solo ever, ever, ever, ever, ever from June 2013!!!!!!

So proud of you sweetie!!!  Beautiful work, lovely costume and a wonderful performance.

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Spring Up, Out & Forward!


So many wonderful bellydance events, classes and workshops . . . it’ll make your head spin!

Whether you are a student, a fan or a fellow bellydancer, there’s something for everyone in the months ahead.

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