Bellydancing for Summer!


The Zahra Zuhair Workshop & Gala Show DVDs are finished and ready to order!  Get your copy today.

Belly dance classes will resume mid to late August!!  Please keep in touch for updates.

In the meantime, please enjoy private lessons, online access or skype classes.  Have a large group?  Consider getting a seminar or a workshop.

As always, … Read More

Take Control of Your Stress


Stress is a pervasive and all-encompassing factor that seems to be more and more pervasive in everyone’s lives.  When we are stressed, the activity in our heart speeds up and our whole body is tense and constricted.

Men have 30% more levels of dopamine and serotonin in their bodies to deal with cortisol when it rises.  Cortisol is the “stress” hormone.  Even though stress isn’t good for either sex, men are naturally built to deal with … Read More

Belly Dance Your Way to Health!


10288791_868675876482862_4213424825532170313_nLately over the internet, there have been interesting studies and tid bits of information that I think prospective belly dance students may find quite interesting.

Whether you are young by age or young at heart, belly dance can benefit anyone!  From clear skin, to back strengthening, building balance and learning rhythm, the movements help keep your heart rate up and burn fat and calories as well as … Read More

Muwasha . . . WHAT?


Muwashahat (pronounced:  MOO-WA-SHA-HOT) is the plural of the name Muwashah, a poetic musical form that originated in Muslim Spain during the tenth century. It is believed that the name muwashshah, is in ref erence to the Wishah a (sash) that women wore in Andalusia. The lyrics of the muwashshah expresses the poet’s own thoughts of love, joy and sorrow. In this workshop, we will learn how to dance to 10/8 rhythm and learn a beautiful Andalusian … Read More

Discover Belly Dance, Heart & Soul


Next Friday night Zahra Zuhair will be at Playground Productions Studio (5529 Bonna Ave., Suite 10, Indianapolis, IN 46219) to teach us the “Heart & Soul of Belly Dance.”

In 3 hours, we’ll go over the basics and history of movement . . . beginning dancers will have a beautiful opening primer to their dance journey while other, more experienced dancers will be able to enrich their repertoire (no matter which style of belly dance … Read More



My student Sakeena’s first solo ever, ever, ever, ever, ever from June 2013!!!!!!

So proud of you sweetie!!!  Beautiful work, lovely costume and a wonderful performance.

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Zahra Zuhair . . . the Emanation of Generosity


Author Picture“Zahra is a generous teacher who shares her knowledge freely. I am grateful to have studied with her and feel that she has been a big influence in my dance. Her expertise of Egyptian & Middle Eastern dances,culture and history have been of great value to myself and her students.” Jillina, Director/Producer of Bellydance Evolution

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New Video!

My performance from Bellydancing & Beer III