Everyone Should Belly Dance!


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Current Status

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Take a Cheap Vacation Every Week!!!!


Take an Oriental Dance class and do something good for you and your body.  Come with me and join our group of beautiful, laughing women who are learning an ancient art form that’s good for you mind, soul and body.

Wednesdays 7:30pm to 8:30 pm –

The Indy Dance Academy (9401 N. Meridian St. – Indianapolis, IN)

It is the last week to take advantage of the February Specials – You … Read More

Class Postponed for Tonight



Sorry everyone . . . due to the inclement weather combined with the deep freeze we’re expecting once class is over, I’m just not keen on black ice.  Dancing is important, but I would rather everyone stay warm, cozy, safe and healthy.

See you all in 2 weeks!  I’m off to Vegas!

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Do Something Different . . . Take an Oriental Dance Class!

Health benefits of learning how to belly dance

February Sales & Special on Oriental Dance (aka – belly dance) classes

Try a class for $15 OR get $5 OFF four weeks of classes


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Oriental Dance in Indy!


Take an Oriental Dance class and learn something that makes you feel beautiful.  More commonly known as “belly dance,” it’s an ancient art form that combines all the benefits of the gym into a one-hour class each week.  You’ll learn the basics along with improvisation and choreography as well as props like cane, veil and zills (finger cymbals).

For January, we’re featuring a BOGO 1/2 OFF sale where you and a friend can enjoy trying a … Read More

Belly Dance Class Tonight!

Tonight @ 7:30pm – Indy Dance Academy (9401 N. Meridian St. – Indianapolis)

CLICK HERE to purchase your class package and register now!!  Hurry and get in, this class is filling up quickly.


Belly Dance the New Year into a New You!


Belly dance class specials for January!!!

  • Get 12 weeks of classes for $150 – that’s $15 OFF the normal price ($165 value)
  • BOGO 1/2 OFF when you and a friend try a class $37.50 ($50 value)

Click here for more information

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Shimmy in the Snow


Whether you need holiday party entertainment or to save your sanity this holiday season,  there’s something for you here!

Hire a belly dancer for your next company party, birthday celebration, wedding reception or any event this season that needs some excitement.  Until January 21st, take $25 OFF all holiday bookings.

Grandma breathing down your neck, kids are driving you absolutely insane and feel like you’re about to lose your head?  Before that happens, come to … Read More

Free Belly Dance Lessons


Newly added and released videos for public view!  Happy Dancing :D


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Shimmy When You Shiver . . .

Health benefits of learning how to belly dance

Shimmying while out in the cold is a GREAT way to stay warm!

It’s Shimmy Time for belly dance classes this week.  We’re gonna strengthen our glutes, abs and legs while we learn the graceful, timeless art of oriental dance.

Classes start at 7:30pm TONIGHT at The Indy Dance Academy (9401 N. Meridian St.) – ages 13 and up (all genders welcome).

There are great sales and specials for you to jump … Read More

WARNING: Online Store Fraud

Attention Shoppers:

I know I just opened my own online store, so please know in no way is this intended to boost my sales in favor of another store.  Seriously tho, I had a terrible experience with this online nail polish dealer and I feel it my duty to warn the rest of you to stay away!

MBeautyLounge is a fraudulent company – although their site has an SSL certificate and they seem legitimate, they’re not.

On October 30th I placed an order with them for just under $90 of this fabulous NAIL POLISH . . . they have so many awesome rare brands in their store, rare and discontinued colors and great prices (almost too good to be true).

Even before I placed my order, I searched online for reviews and things that people said about them – they came highly recommended for ZOYA brand nail lacquer.  Seeing as how they also have a “trusted” shop on Amazon and after several weeks of deciding and choosing, I placed my order.

On November 3rd they deducted payment from my credit card and on November 4th they sent pre-shipment info to USPS.  On their site’s shipping policies it says to wait 2 weeks for the order to process.  Well, it seemed like they had a good handle on it.  But no package was ever sent to USPS, it is now the 19th of November and I still don’t have my products.

I’ve contacted them and they’ve plain just stopped responding.  They have no physical address or phone number, just a contact form.

I’ve notified my bank and am getting my money back one way or another . . . but to save the rest of you the hassle, I wanted to share my experience with you.

In all fairness, I’ve bought from many online retailers who look questionable and they had great customer service!  The Beauty Clutch is one such place that also has high-end nail lacquers for great prices.

It just goes to show you, just because a site has an SSL certificate doesn’t make your shopping experience any safer.

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